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2019 Commitment Awards

We honored several of our long-time team members for their dedication to our collective mission and longevity. 

Feature-Rich Phones for Seniors

Cellular phones as well as home phones have come a long way when it comes to accommodating the special needs of senior citizens. In this article we highlight the best phone in each category.

BoneBuilders of RI Featured on The Rhode Show 3/31

The BoneBuilders of RI were recently featured on The Rhode Show on March 31st to explain the Leader positions available and the steps we are taking to take this beneficial community service beyond our campus.

Activity Calendars Are Now Available on our Website

As of December 2013, The Village has made our activity calendars available to you on this website. Look in the Activities and Programs menu tab and you will find choices for both Activity Calendars and Between The Lines. Selecting these tabs takes you to a new page where you can open the full calendar or Between The Lines notes with the inside story of what is happening every day at The Village. When you click on the calendar you want, you will see an image that can be enlarged for easy reading. Whether you are looking for scheduled events at The Chalet, The Lodge, or The Courtyard, you will have the current month at your fingertips.
Also notice that on the same pages, clicking on "All Calendars" and "All Between The Lines" will take you to the previous months' listings. As we draw close to the next month, the calendars for the coming weeks will also become available in those sections.
Please enjoy this new access to what's going on at The Village at Waterman Lake! We welcome your comments.

Flu Season is Here - Time to Get your Flu Shot

If you already have your flu shot, congratulations! Flu season typically starts in the fall and peaks in January or February. Getting the flu vaccine is your best protection against the flu. The US Department of Health & Human Services recommends a flu shot for groups of people who are most at risk, which are Seniors (age 65 or older), children, and anyone with a chronic health condition. 

The flu shot is readily available at local pharmacies, senior centers, and clinics. For more information, visit the US HHS website at www.flu.gov .

Welcome to our new website!

We are delighted to present this interactive site that you can view on whatever device you happen to be using - phone, computer, Kindle, iPad, iPod, you name it. It is smart and modern, and automatically adjusts its size to fit your device.

Class is in Session at the Village

This week I found a truly "inspring aspect of retirement living". The Village has recently started offering a Psychology course available for all. Besides being an informative and thought-provoking course, which gets the mental juices flowing, any continued "learning" in our later years allows residents to keep their minds active through the use of new concepts which help improve cognition, the ability to reason, and memory while deterring conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.