Social Distancing Practices at The Village

Published 03/20/2020

As we continue to carefully weigh all precautionary measures being recommended to us by the RI Department of Health (RIDOH) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are implementing some temporary changes to our daily operations, to encourage “social distancing” in our buildings, and help ensure the health and wellness of each resident.

We have adjusted the dining procedures in ways we believe will work most effectively for our residents and limit close contact during meals.

Likewise, we are tailoring the activities offered to allow participants to be seated at least 6' apart from one another. Activities that attract a significant number of attendees will be broken up into sessions, to limit the total number of people gathered at one time, and to allow for us to place chairs the recommended 6' apart. While we are discouraging activities that require residents to sit within 6' of one another or to share game pieces or cards, our dedicated Activities Team is brainstorming other types of games and activities that can be enjoyed while still respecting the need for social distancing.  Entertainment events and Mystery Rides, which require many people to gather in a small space, are temporarily suspended, but we are offsetting them with new ideas and novel approaches to Activities. During this time that the overall program is evolving, we will rely on the Daily Villager to communicate each day’s offering, rather than a monthly calendar.

We have also implemented a service whereby all residents can have their temperature checked in their apartment each day, using a sterile temporal thermometer. The goal is to make sure anyone with a fever over 100.4 is aware, in case a call to the doctor in order.