The best thing we can do…

Added: Mar 28, 2020

“I think the best thing we can do is to let people know that each one of them is precious.
Fred Rogers, of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (played by Tom Hanks in the movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.”)

As we move forward into the next phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to say loud and clear that we feel the intense responsibility of caring beyond limits for our community. We are doing our very best for residents, families, our Village Team, and everyone touched by our actions.

While we are taking every precaution to preserve the health and safety of our residents and families, we are remain aware of the need to nourish the spirit, to find joy and laughter, and to soothe the sorrows — sharing the beauty and the burdens together. So how do we do this?

Virtual Visits are a hit!
Residents who are missing their usual visits from family are getting connected with one-on-one help from Village Team. Atrium resident George was having trouble with an iPad visit with his wife. After Eric assisted each of them separately, they connected and “had a cute conversation that made them both happy.” Eric has assisted many virtual visits that make a bright space in each resident’s day.

Our Virtual Visits are coordinated by Nyisha, who says “This opportunity is beyond wonderful for the residents and they are thankful and uplifted when they see their loved one’s face.” She adds, “Each visit with them puts the biggest smile on my face…I’m very happy to help in every way.”

Activities — Creating Energy and Safe Space
Imagine social distancing wiping out so many group activities, and then take another look: Activities are now being held in Chalet Dining Room! 
With meals being delivered to residents’ rooms, Karlene is taking full advantage of the wide open spaces for activities in the Dining Room, complete with singing and dancing while still observing social distancing. So much great innovation is happening here!

Suspension of All Visitation

In response to the evolving directives coming from both Government and Rhode Island Department of Health officials, we have decided to temporarily suspend all visitation to our campus buildings throughout the remainder of March.  We will revisit this directive on April 1, but for now, we feel it is our duty and responsibility to institute policies that will best help prevent Coronavirus from entering our buildings.
Kindly notify all relevant members of your family of this new directive.

We understand the potential need for exceptions to these visitation restrictions, in extenuating circumstances.  Should you require an exception to these protocols be considered, please present the details of your circumstance to the appropriate individual below:

In the Courtyard:
Kerri Davis 401-949-8933,
In the Lodge:
Oliver Harvey 401-949-1333,
In the Chalet:
Jasen Crozier 401-949-4333,

Virtual Visits Being Offered

Please trust that we recognize how important connecting with you is to your loved one’s overall wellbeing, and with that in mind, we are implementing a “Virtual Visit” Program, whereby Team will assist residents in connecting with you virtually, through a variety of network platforms we are now supporting in each of our buildings.

For further information on these programs and considerations, click here: